Google Ads Blueprint 2020

Google Ads Blueprint 2020

Google Ads Blueprint 2020

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We know that Google Ads can be tricky to understand and prosper from, that's why we’ve created this Google Ads Blueprint in order to help you understand the way Google works and how to make it work in your favour.
Therefore the Google Ads Blueprint is structured into 50 pages that will guide you through your Google Ads journey. The main topics covered are:

Google AdWords Tutorial Overview:

  • SEO
  • Metrics
  • Examples of Campaigns

How to Use Google AdWords (replacing Overview):

  • Keywords
  • Impressions and Bidding

How Does Google Adwords Work?

  • Introduction of Quality Score
  • Relevancy and Examples
  • Ad Rank and Metrics

Getting Set Up With Your First Campaign(step by step):

  • Easy to Follow Instructions with Examples
  • Calculate an AdWords Budget
  • Picking a Keyword (how to basics and examples)
  • Checking Out The Competition
  • Make Sure Your Landing Page Rocks(how to increase conversions)
  • AdWords Account Structure

Writing Your First Ad:

  • Headlines
  • Examples
  • Display URL
  • Ad Copy
  • Description 
  • CTA
  • Metrics and scores

Setup Conversion Tracking:

  • How to To with Examples
  • Tools and Conversions
  • Tracking Status

Regular Account Maintenance:

  • Monitoring Stats
  • CTR and Other Metrics
  • Always Track Your Campaigns and Optimize


To impact millions of peoples lives in a positive way and help 100,000 people to better understand how the market is working. To give you some perspective, currently we've already helped over 6000 entrepreneurs in the last year alone and it's growing daily.


This is the e-commerce business. This is the secret behind the crazy results you've been seeing from us on Instagram. The business model itself is very clear cut, black and white, you either DO IT or you DON'T we're going to give you a quick run down of how it works so we are on the same page:


1️⃣ Find a winning product to sell
2️⃣ Get a supplier to get it cheaper
3️⃣ Create an online store website
4️⃣ Run simple targeted ads on social media
5️⃣ People come to your website and BUY
6️⃣ You lock in profits FIRST with no risk
7️⃣ Supplier sends product to your customer
8️⃣ Rinse and repeat every day and get paid 
If you’ve already mastered steps 1, 2 & 3 but are struggling with steps 4+, you’re in the right place. 



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